After a period of closure, and after a long series of editions GS, Konan delights us with a new package devoted entirely to the new beta 2. The style is unmistakable, yellow background with the famous style dragon ball clouds, maps with icons made ​​from images of raging blast and a myriad of addons (characters and maps) is now compatible with this new version of Zeq2. | FF | Project 's tried it for you. After the emphasis about the relase of the much loved character, Vegeta (loved by me, I do not know about you). This version seemed very pumped, Baroque. 

Some characters make me return the chills (Android 17 is horrible, Trunks acceptable), while the maps are nice. The graphics may look a bit better (only for CoreDuo) and some textures have been changed. (for better or worse, this depends on personal taste). Konan also had the 'idea of making us a present, a folder full of avatars that I suppose we can change at will. Most of the sounds of the menu has been changed. The navigation system has been changed, as the sounds during the fight (when catapulted into an enemy, you will hear a plane flying) while the 'hud remained the same (this is a plus for Konan, I love the original hud). After all it is a good mod, after all, is under construction, after all, is Konan. 7 / 10.



Everyone reads mangas, i suppose, and lot of them want a manga-based game. This is the Dragon Ball pc game. When i start the executable and play on lan with my friends, i fell like playing budokai tenkaichi, the manga itself. The Zeq2 story is long, I am going to summarize everithing. This game starts with one map and three characters (Goku, Raditz and Piccolo), like the 1st chapter of DbZ story. A good game with decent graphics. A small roster that has bored many fans. They asked for more, more characters, more maps... But nothing... "You need to wait". Months and months, filled by addons that deep down were discrete. But now, 16th March, a new revision comes, who re-invent this game. All the official characters (or a lot of them) have been relased, new maps, a "full working server browser" and an 1 vs 1 lockon mode and a new shading never seen before, that have made this game more similar to the tenkaichi series.

The new roster consist of: Vegeta (sayan and cell saga), Goku, Frieza (only 1st form), Perfect cell, Raditz, Piccolo, Crilin and Nappa (still prototype, he's got some neck problems).
Goku and Vegeta can transform, and everyone's got his original voice (when deads and charges). Immense maps (Desert, Namek, Cell games and much more...) make this game the real opponent of esf, and for now, the best DbZ based game in the place. It should deserve 7, or 8, but there's a thing who make me fall in love of this revision, the music themes. Remixed ones, new ones which give you the right suspense at the right time. There are bugs and crashes, related with the brand new chat, but they're small. Keep it up team, we want more relases, we want the 10/10.