Yesterday I had the opportunity to review the pack for the new beta Zeq2. Curious and interested I asked the creator of a small essay on the history of packs. Very quickly Konan told me explaining everything. Let's read!

"Hy Everyone! So here's the story: 

The first ZEQ2 Lite GS Editions is about, how-to improve this game with addons.
I'm added lot of transformations like Super Mega Ultra Mega Hyper Xtreme (times two)-6..but with that, I'm just killed the whole game.
And with Dragon Ball Online Edition, I'm finally realized I need to go back to the good old Dragon Ball Z, so I added classic models, but because GT is so popular I almost added GT models to!
But it's not just add/remove..its lot hour of Photoshop, Image-Resize, Color Change, texture and text edit..and..its more than 4GB backup! Yeah..that many file have some serious size, so I zipped it with maximum 7zip compressing, and than uploaded to megaupload(just like the GS Editions).
After GS Edition 7 I'm leaved the community for a while, live, work etc..but after see those many things in the Forum, I started to made a GS Edition 8 Alpha, but because is still to big, to many character and unfixed thing I'm implanted the best things from the GS Edition 8 Beta, to the newest Rev.
And now on, the Beta 1.5/2.0 and the GS Edition met again. Smile

The reason I won't stop now, I wanna make something new, something better for the community members, even if my edits not good enough for some people.
Credits to Dagger(Laguna), AnTycrisT, Zeth and for every community member, to help build this fantastic game! I'm basicaly just a modder, so they made those player models and maps.


Konan Thanks! I tried all the packs (including those greater than 2GB) and it is thanks to those who do not boredomoverwhelmed me. We wish you good luck for future projects and I will be happy to review the future packs!